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Title: SITIS 2015 - The 11th International Conference on Signal Image  •  Size: 32323

SITIS 2015 - The 11th International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet Systems

SITIS 2015 - The 11th International Conference on Signal Image

IEB 2015

2nd Workshop on Insight on Eye Biometrics

Collocated with: 

November 23-27, 2014 - Bangkok, Thailand

Scope of the Workshop
Human identification methods based on credentials, such as identification documents and PIN, cannot meet the growing demand for security in applications such as ID cards, border crossings, and access control. As a result, recognition methods based on physiological and behavioral characteristics are increasingly adopted for person identification applications. In fact, biometric traits, such as fingerprints, earlobe geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice, DNA, cannot be lost, stolen, or easily forged and are also considered to be persistent and unique.
The recent literature has shown an increasing interest for eye related biometrics (iris pattern, retina pattern, and periocular regions). Except for retina, whose acquisition can be perceived by some users as invasive, iris and periocular regions can be captured by non invasive acquisition devices without requiring the cooperation of the user, at a largely variable distance (from a few centimeters up to a few meters) and even “on-the-move”. Iris and retinal patterns are characterized by several advantages such as low occurrence of false positives, low false negative rates, highly reliability because no two people have the same iris or retinal pattern, and velocity in the identification of the subject. In turn, periocular recognition becomes particularly useful when iris recognition cannot be implemented, e.g., in case of blind people or for people affected by cataract.
Purpose of the second edition of IEB workshop is to consolidate the experience of the first one, and to continue to give the opportunity to researchers interested in detection and recognition methods based on all eye related biometrics to meet and discuss in a common forum all aspects of their closely related research activities.

Important dates
Submission deadline: September 21, 2015 
Acceptance/Reject notification: October 15, 2015
Camera-ready: October 22, 2015
Author Registration: October 22, 2015

Each submission should be at most 8 pages in total including bibliography and well-marked appendices, and must follow the IEEE double columns publication format available at:
Paper submission will only be online via: Easy Chair.

Only pdf files will be accepted. Submissions not meeting these guidelines risk rejection without consideration of their merits.
All submitted papers will be carefully evaluated based on originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of expression by at least two reviewers. The organizers will examine the reviews and make final paper selections.

All the papers accepted for the workshop will be included in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society. Content will be submitted to the indexing companies for possible indexing. They will be available at the conference.

At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the workshop. Workshop registration fee is determined by SITIS. A single registration for the workshop or the conference allows attending both events.

Program Co-Chairs
  • Maria Frucci, ICAR-CNR, Naples, Italy
  • Maria De Marsico, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy
  • Daniel Riccio, Federico II University, Naples, Italy
  • Gabriella Sanniti di Baja, ICAR-CNR, Naples, Italy

Program Committee

  • Maria De Marsico Dept. of Computer Science - University of Rome "La Sapienza" Italy
  • Maria Frucci Institute for High-Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR),C.N.R. Italy
  • Daniel Riccio University of Naples Federico II Italy
  • Gabriella Sanniti di Baja Institute for high performance computing and networking, CNR Italy

  • Josef Bigun Halmstad University Sweden
  • Modesto Castrillón Santana Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain
  • Bernadette Dorizzi TELECOM SudParis France
  • Jean Luc Dugelay EURECOM France
  • Chiara Galdi University of Salerno Italy
  • Raghavender Jillela Digital Signal Corporation USA
  • Pawel Kasprowski Silesian University of Technology Poland
  • Oleg Komogortsev Texas State University USA
  • Emanuela Marasco University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
  • Heydi Méndez Vázquez CENATAV Cuba
  • Malgorzata Napieralska Technical University of Lodz Poland
  • Michele Nappi University of Salerno Italy
  • Fabio Narducci University of Salerno Italy
  • Marcos Ortega Hortas University of A Coruña Spain
  • Marco Porta University of Pavia Italy
  • Hugo Proença University of Beira Interior Portugal
  • Stefano Ricciardi University of Salerno Italy
  • Arun Ross Michigan State University USA
  • Kaushik Roy North Carolina A&T State University USA
  • Luca Serino Institute for High-Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR),C.N.R. Italy
  • Zhenan Sun Chinese Academy of Sciences China



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