The 10th International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet Systems

The 10th International Conference on Signal Image Technology

BigCVEn 2014

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November 23-27, 2014 - Marrakech, Morocco
Scope of the Workshop
There is a growing interest in virtualized environments and their applications, raising several challenges.
Many trends are emerging to address these issues. In this respect, Cloud computing provides a powerful model to connect users to information resources anywhere. It has become a significant technology with several advantages including cost savings, access to greater computing resources, high availability, and scalability. In addition, the advent of Semantic Web has raised new opportunities and challenges.
In this context, Big Data and Linked Data are being an integral part of the web infrastructure, where massive amounts of connected or possibly interconnectable data, identifiable via URIs, are available. These technologies are paving the way of the Web of Data.
The aim of the BigCVEn'2014 Workshop is to provide a forum to bring together scientists, researchers and practitioners interested in these emerging architectures and methodologies for capturing, storing, managing and analyzing massive, dispersed, interconnected data over the Web. It also aims to discuss and to discuss the snugness connection and\or interaction between Web of Data/Linked Data and Big Data/Cloud Computing.
Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

• Cloud computing/mobility and cloud
  • Cloud Computing standards and technologies
  • Cloud Computing specifications and enhancements
  • Cloud Computing discovery and integration
  • Cloud Computing, cluster and high performance computing and storage infrastructure for massive data
  • Cloud Computing security and QoS
  • Cloud Computing applications and solutions
  • Cloud and Social Network Analysis
  • Mobile Cloud Computing applications
  • Mobile cloud resource management
  • Mobile cloud middleware
  • Mobile cloud architecture
  • Energy efficiency in mobile cloud computing
  • Context-aware mobile cloud computing
• Big Data
  • Large big data stream processing
  • Scalability in processing large data volumes
  • Multiple source data processing and integration for massive data
  • Massive Data Visualization
  • Big Data and Social Medias Big Data issues in Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics and hydroinformatics
  • Use cases, Practical application of big data techniques
  • Mobile data analytics
• Web of data, Linked data/object
  • Publishing Linked Data and Data Interlinking
  • Large Scale Ontologies Matching and Mapping
  • Instances Matching and Semantic Interoperability
  • Linked Open Services
  • Linked Open Data Cloud
  • Linked Data Science
  • Government Linked Data
• Web Services, Virtualized systems and Applications
  • Web application development on virtualized infrastructures and platform
  • Web information handling on virtualized storage
  • Web applications on Cloud infrastructure Virtualized RDF data indexing and storage
  • Virtualized Systems security, privacy, and trust
  • Data management and mining in social Web
  • Web advertising and community analysis
  • Web-based collaboration
  • Web service and information management
  • Virtual communities on the cloud
  • Design and analysis of social or collaborative applications
  • Cloud and service compuing
• Applications, Evaluations, and Experiences in
  • E-Business, Social Networks
  • Bioinformatics and Translational Medicine
  • Epidemic Intelligence, Health Informatics, E-Health
  • Agronomic and Environmental field
  • E-Government
Important dates
Submission deadline: September 6, 2014 September 22, 2014
Acceptance/Reject notification: October 10, 2014
Camera-ready: October 15, 2014 October 21, 2014
Author Registration: October 19, 2014 October 23, 2014
Each submission should be at most 8 pages in total including bibliography and well-marked appendices, and must follow the IEEE double columns publication format available at:
·         Microsoft Word DOC
·         LaTex Formatting Macros
Paper submission will only be online via: Easy Chair.
Only pdf files will be accepted. Submissions not meeting these guidelines risk rejection without consideration of their merits.
All submitted papers will be carefully evaluated based on originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of expression by at least two reviewers. The organizers will examine the reviews and make final paper selections.
All the papers accepted for the workshop will be included in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society. Content will be submitted to the indexing companies for possible indexing. They will be available at the conference.
At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the workshop. Workshop registration fee is determined by SITIS. A single registration for the workshop or the conference allows attending both events.
Program Co-Chairs
  • Sadok Ben Yahia, University of Tunis
  • Ana Roxin, University of Burgundy, France
  • Gayo Diallo, University of Bordeaux, France
Program Committee
  • Kokou Yetongnon University of Burgundy France
  • Gayo Diallo ISPED, University of Bordeaux France
  • Ana Roxin University of Burgundy, UMR CNRS 6306 France
  • Sadok Ben Yahia University of Tunis France
  • Christophe Cruz University of Burgundy, LE2I / Checksem France
  • Ioana Ciuciu Joseph Fourier University, LIG / SIGMA France
  • Gregory Zacharewicz IMS - Univesity of Bordeaux France
  • Stephane Jean LISI/ENSMA and University of Poitiers France
  • Edward Mutafungwa Aalto University Japan
  • Kouji Kozaki I.S.I.R., Osaka University Japan
  • Moussa Lo Université Gaston Berger Senegal
  • Raja Chiky ISEP France
  • Zohra Bellahsene LIRMM, Montpellier France
  • Sami Zghal FSJEGJ, Jendouba Tunisia
  • Hajer Bazaaoui ISAMM, Université de Manouba, Tunisia
  • Chiraz Trabelsi ISAMM, Université de Manouba Tunisia
  • Munir Kashif KFUPM Saudi Arabia
  • Ross Gore University of Virginia USA
  • Hakim Mabed University of Franche-Comté, FEMTO-ST/OMNI



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